[K12OSN] Swapping ETH0 and ETH1

Carl Keil carl at snarlnet.com
Mon Sep 13 16:08:46 UTC 2004

Hi People,

I've had trouble all along with my k12ltsp server because I wanted to use 
the NIC on the mobo for the clients (it's 1000BaseT).  So, I did all this 
work to switch the all the settings for eth0 and eth1 for the k12ltsp 
install.  Unfortunately, I just did an upgrade install to 4.1 and now my 
clients can't boot again.  I went through the files and it looks like the 
install did a lot of assuming that ETH1 was for outside and ETH0 was for 
the clients.  It went through and detected the IP's assigned and swapped 
everything.  In /etc/hosts it it put in a client entry for every IP on my 
outside subnet.

SO, is there a way to swap which nic is assigned to be ETH0 and which is 
ETH1?  Man, this would solve so many problems.  I could just go with the 
default install then.

Thanks in advance,


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