[K12OSN] Real Culprit

Jonathan Carter jonathan at shuttleworthfoundation.org
Tue Sep 14 07:03:06 UTC 2004

Hi Liam

> It is only a single cpu multithreading 3.06.  If I need to do that 
> upgrade I need to buy a board and cpu's.
> Question:  Nothing but upgrading to a true dual cpu will stop the cpu 
> usage from maxing out, right?  I mean, no matter how much memory I 
> get, if the cpu maxes, even temporarily, it will always do that, right?

As far as I understand, CPU's will always execute commands as fast as 
they can, which means that they'll always max out when they can't 
execute commands faster than real time, correct?

I think adding another CPU would help, but I would advise you to check 
your disk bandwidth as well. Sometimes things get slow because the 
server is writing and reading at too many places on the disk at once, 
and then there are situations where people have <gasp> dma disabled or 
run RAID 1 on two IDE disks that's on the same controller... something I 
must admit, I've been guilty of as well before.


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