[K12OSN] Win4Lin

Scott Sherrill scott at hancock.k12.mi.us
Tue Sep 14 20:27:44 UTC 2004

We use win4lin terminal server for our office staff on top of K12LTSP 
3.1.  It works well and we are pleased.

Just note you have to have a complete windows install for each user, 
and the install must be local to the win4lin server.  Just budget for 
that as you go.
I  use a rsync script I wrote, make a master image and blast to all 
staff so changes aren't bad.

Everything has worked well except small applications based on FoxPro. 
For some reason they just don't work well for us on win4lin but 
everything else has been install and go.

Depending on your scenario, Win4Lin does have the option to just run 
a single app.  If you want your user(s) to have a Linux desktop but 
run selected windows apps you can do that with Win4Lin but you would 
still need to have an install for each user.

>Does anyone have any experience with or comments on Win4Lin or any 
>other such Windows emulators running in a K12LTSP environment?  Is 
>there anything Win4Lin can do that WINE can't?  I've got a couple of 
>windows-only applications that I would really like to be able to run 
>on my thin clients and WINE can't handle them.  Any suggestions?
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