[K12OSN] Internet access tracking?

Huck dhuckaby at paasda.org
Thu Sep 16 18:16:26 UTC 2004

do you require authentication to the proxy?

currently I have to match up log files personally...
check the dansguardian log for blockages...
it gives time and ip address of offense
then...match up time/ip address of who was log into that ip address at 
that time...
webmin has a module that shows such things I believe...
but keep in mind that because user 'joey' is in the log...doesn't mean
his friends/enemies don't know his passwd and are using it to further 
their needs...


Calvin Park wrote:

>Hi all, another question...
>There is some evidence that a few of the students here have been using
>the Computer Center to look at some pornography. We have a blocker, and
>it showed so blocked hits, but only for the server as a whole. Is there
>anything that I could use to see internet usage logs from the
>server...preferably with which users have gone where. Thanks in advance
>for any ideas you all might have. 
>If this has already been discussed in the archives somewhere feel free
>to point me in the right direction.

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