[K12OSN] delete users

Guy Lessard glessard at coll-outao.qc.ca
Thu Sep 16 19:51:44 UTC 2004

Meghan Chavez wrote:

>We have setup our k12linux server to authenticate to Novell. Users can use their novell account to login to the linux terminal. Everything works great until we delete a user from the linux server. Once we delete a user from linux, any new user is not able to login to the terminal. Any ideas to fix this so we can delete users without "breaking" our novell authentication?
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Hi Meghan,
I just started a new year and had to clean up the accounts off the 
server. I did have problems and it was related to left over files here 
and there. Here is a paragraph from the original Howto:

May, 2004 The problem was that the account existed on the server before Netware authentication was
implemented. The UID and GID did not match with Netware authentication thus failing to mount home
directory. Problem solved by deleting the account (user and group), the home directory under /home,
the mail directory (think it's under /var/mail ) and KDE desktop temporary file ( look under

Make sure you clean up the /home /var/mail and /tmp directories and reboot.
Let us know if that helped.

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