[K12OSN] VNC from "outside" the local network

Brian Chase networkr0 at cfl.rr.com
Fri Sep 17 19:11:06 UTC 2004

Depending on your client, one of these ought to get you set up correctly 
for secure SSH tunneled VNC access.  Just remember to forward port 22 
from your external router to your LTSP box in the router configuration 
of that particular router, which you did not specify.




Jim Hays wrote:

> I have the following configuration for a K12LTSP lab in our middle 
> school:
> Lab Terminals <-------> K12LTSP server <--------->Rest of our 
> network<------->Internet
> The Lab Terminals are connected to the local side of the K12LTSP 
> server and receive DHCP from K12LTSP (192,168.0.x) and the "Rest of 
> our network" uses IP numbers in the 10.6.x.x range.
> I need to be able to get a session (through VNC or X or ??) from the 
> part of our network that is outside the K12LTSP lab.
> Could anyone tell me how I would go about doing that?  Now, when I try 
> to VNC into the machine, it doesn't work.
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