Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Mon Sep 20 13:15:09 UTC 2004

> In an earlier thread, someone mentioned using SATA drives 
> successfully 
> with a large number of users, 25+
> When I go to configure next years server(we will upgrade) can 
> I use SATA 
> drives in a raid 0 configuration?  I want to increase 
> performance hence 
> the raid 0, but heard that SATA drives might not handle a 
> class of 25+ 
> workstations

In my opinion I would always go RAID 5 whenever possible.  You get the
speed of striping and the redundancy of mirroring...but better.  As far
as SATA RAID goes over SCSI it is definitely cheaper.  But take my
advice and post before buying and controller and make sure you talk to
someone who has one running and booting before buying.  I didn’t do that
and now my nice RAID 5 SATA controller is only running /home and is
unable to boot, so my boot drive is a 20GB IDE as a quick fix.  

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