[K12OSN] HELP how to lock down profile and more???

norbert bear2bar at netscape.net
Mon Sep 20 13:35:11 UTC 2004


I'm using gnome as a desktop manager .. suggestions ????

For the users in this lab there are no passwords ! So by just entering a 
username they can login, hence the problem!!!!


spowers at inlandlakes.org wrote:

> norbert wrote:
>> Is there a "simple" way of locking down the user profiles so that the
>> students can write/save files to there directory but cannot change ANY
> Depending on the window manager you use -- I think KDE is able to be 
> locked down a bit...  I would suggest looking at the specific 
> documentation for the desktop manager you use.  (Gnome, KDE, etc)
>> How can users be prevented form logging in as another without this 
>> happening ?
> Don't smack me -- but, "Change the passwords to something that other 
> users don't know" comes to mind...  :)
> Seriously though, users should not be able to log in as each other 
> anyway...
> -Shawn

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