[K12OSN] problems booting terminal

"Terrell Prudé, Jr." microman at cmosnetworks.com
Mon Sep 20 23:31:25 UTC 2004

You might also check your firewall rules, i. e. see if you happen to 
have any running on your server.  A quick "iptables -L" should do it.


Chris Thomas wrote:

>Ive read somewhere that the 'grey screen with the big
>X' probmlem most likely has to do with name
>resolution. So check your hosts file and your DNS
>server (if you are running one) to see if everything
>is configured correctly and that you can resolve the
>names of the thin clients you are tying to boot.
>--- Joshua Sanders <ism at ywammt.org> wrote:
>>I just installed the a clean version of K12LTSP
>>(4.0.1) and sent the last
>>few days configuring it. I took over this network
>>second hand so I spent
>>some time and really ripped this server apart to
>>understand how it all
>>works. It is kinds of a custom network with one
>>server acting as NIS, NAS
>>(Home Directories, and DNS all on that server and 4
>>other terminal servers
>>around the campus calling information from them.)
>>I got the server working fine with NIS and
>>everything... and all looks
>>well until I switch a computer that server's group
>>in dhcpd.conf - the
>>computer loads fine and gets all the way to loading
>>a graphical scene of X
>>- (a grey screen with an 'X' icon for the mouse) and
>>goes no further. I
>>cannot figure out what would stop them from loading
>>after they were that
>>far along in the boot process. I am writing because
>>I wondered if there
>>was a new 'fix' or 'update' (since I was using
>>K12LTSP v3.0) that would
>>cause this server to not want to 'play' with all my
>>other servers.
>>(I have turned off named and mnt'd home from my home
>>server... as well as
>>varified NIS is Working locally on the Server.)
>>Any other thoughts
>>(Oh, and though our network may sound impressive, I
>>am pretty new at Linux
>>so if you think of something stupid that everyone
>>would know to do...
>>please let me know. ;)
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