[K12OSN] Multiple logins ???

"Terrell Prudé, Jr." microman at cmosnetworks.com
Tue Sep 21 02:35:12 UTC 2004

Here's one workaround, borrowed from some of the computer labs in my 
district.  For each terminal (say you have 30 of them), number them 
1-30.  Then, make userIDs called student1, student2, etc. to student30.  
You can even give them all the same password.  Makes it nice and easy 
for the kids. 

Now, this is certainly not foolproof.  A kid acting naughtily could 
easily sit at station28 and log in as student20, thus bumping student20 
off, going "ha ha, got you!" in the process.  Of course, that should 
mean immediate termination from the lab for that kid and a visit to the 
principal's office, accident or no.  You will need a written policy, 
you'll need to make said policy verbally clear the first day of class, 
and you'll probably need to make an example or two of a kid or two to 
make it clear that you're not kiddin'.  Some of my teachers did that 
kind of thing back when I was in school ("it doesn't matter if it's an 
accident, you still get kicked out, so gee, might wanna learn to be 
careful"), and it did prove quite effective.  School is not a democracy, 
never was a democracy, and cannot be a democracy.  With that 
understanding, the above method has proven to work rather well in our 
labs, both with Windows PCs and Macs, especially in the elementary 
schools.  I'd expect it to work equally well with K12LTSP.

If you don't want to take that approach, then I would suggest making a 
separate userID and password for each student, just like with staff 
members, and with the same rules and security policy.  If the kids start 
handing out their passwords and you see evidence of it, then lock those 
particular accounts.


norbert wrote:

> Hi,
> i'd like to thank everyone for all the good tips, now the massive work 
> starts.
> Now how can we prevent the same user from logging in to different 
> workstations without "killing" the first instance ?
> Please all suggestions are welcomed, this has become a real problem!!!
> thks
> norbert
> dan_young at parkrose.k12.or.us wrote:
>>On Mon, 2004-09-20 at 08:52, Jeff Kinz wrote:
>>>Hey Dan, thats a pretty big document.  If the capability Norbert is
>>>looking for is in Gnome, can you tell us what it is called?
>>>(Kiosk, user polices etc.. )  
>>These things seemed apropos (for GNOME v2.6) in my brief glance:
>>Dan Young
>>Parkrose School District
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