[K12OSN] monitor problems

Chris Thomas cwt137 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 21 16:36:45 UTC 2004


It sounds like ( a joke. get it) your Modeline
settings got changed when you did the install. I would
look at http://www.ltsp.org/contrib/modelines.html for
some safe settings. If you know your monitors V and H
refresh rates, and would like to optimize your
settings, google around for a modeline calculator.


--- Dale Harkness <dharkness at nsd2.com> wrote:

> i recently installed the ltsp_sound_3.0.1 file on my
> LTSP 4.0 server.  when i got it all configured and
> rebooted a machine my HP 15 monitor is now blinking
> all the lights on it and i see nothing.  i know the
> video card works because it beeps (like it does when
> you get your login prompt)  these use to work just
> fine but now i get nothing.  i thought maybe it was
> the sound file i installed but if i go to a machine
> (same model as the other machine) with a Compaq
> monitor i can boot in just fine. the only difference
> between these machines are the monitors.  
> unfortunately my room is full of about 95% HP 15
> monitors and a few compaq ones.  help! what could be
> causing this. we tried tweaking monitor refresh
> rates in lts.conf but nothing seemed to work.  we
> even commented out the sound settings, which didn't
> work either (but i know this isn't the problem
> because remember....the compaq monitors work, just
> no the HP 15).  thanks to whomever solves this in
> advance.
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