[K12OSN] Bottom post

Sudev Barar sudev at mantraonline.com
Wed Sep 22 06:04:11 UTC 2004

This great page http://www.netmeister.org/news/learn2quote.html 
which teaches newbies how to reply/quote properly on the Usenet -
applies to lists as well.

Especially http://www.netmeister.org/news/learn2quote2.html#ss2.3 
which explains very well why one should bottom post: quote:
2.3 Why should I place my response below the quoted text?

Usually, the reading-flow is from left to right and from top to bottom,
and people expect a chronological sequence similar to this. Especially
people who are reading a lot of articles (and who therefore would
qualify as the ideal person to answer your question) appreciate it if
they can read at first the text to which you are referring. The quoted
text is some kind of help to remember the topic, which of course will
not work, if you place the quoted text below your response.
Furthermore, that's the standard. This may sound as a weak argument, but
since people are not used to reading the other way around, they have no
idea what you are referring to and have to go back and forth between the
referenced articles, have to jump between different articles and so on.
In short - reading the article becomes more and more difficult - for
people who read many articles it is reason enough to skip the entire
article, if the context is not obvious.
And besides: doesn't it look stupid to first get the answer and then see
the question? (Aside from Jeopardy, of course.)

Sudev Barar
Learning Linux

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