[K12OSN] remote login

Petre Scheie petre at maltzen.net
Wed Sep 22 14:42:40 UTC 2004

With a few assumptions, 1) that you can ssh into the Ipcop box from 
wherever you'll be doing your presentation; 2) that the VNC server is 
running on the K12lstp box (which it is by default, but some take it out 
if they have no use for it); you'll have a Linux box at the 
demonstration site--I don't know if this can be done with a Windows 
box.  With those things in place, you can do this:

 From the remote location (where you'll be standing when doing your 
presentation) at a shell prompt, type

ssh -C -L 3700:k12lstpbox:5900 ipcopbox

where k12ltspbox is the name of the k12ltsp server (and ipcop knows the 
address of that box--if not, use the address of the ltsp box), and 
ipcopbox is the publicly accessible name or address of your school/ipcop 
firewall.  This assumes that the ID you are using on the linux box at 
the demo site is valid on the ipcop box; if not, add '-l valid_id' where 
valid_id is a legit ID on the ipcop box.  Once that's connected, on the 
linux box at the demo site, fire up vncviewer and point it at 
localhost:3700, and you should get the LTSP login screen just as if you 
were at the school and pointed vncviewer at the server.

What the above command does is creates a compressed (-C) tunnel in which 
anything directed at port 3700 is sent to the ipcopbox which then 
automatically directs the traffic to port 5900 (where vncserver listens) 
on the K12ltspbox.

I use this regularly to securely connect to remote LTSP servers where I 
need to actually see the desktop in action.  It can be a bit slow, 
depending on the size of the pipes and the load on the ipcop box and the 
ltsp server, but it's certainly usable, especially for a demo.  You 
could even take, say, two or three laptops (borrow some and use knoppix 
disks to get an instant linux client) to the demo site and have them all 
doing this to really show off.  I'd test it beforehand though just to 
make sure it doesn't bog down too much.


Will Hatch wrote:

>Hi all,
>I am taking a education class where we have to make a powerpoint presentation on a educational topic.  I want to talk about open source software in schools, and to show what I have done here at this school with recycled computers and the k12 package.  I though it would be cool to be able to remotely login to my server while doing my powerpoint presentation.  Then, I could show how it actually works.  How do I do this and is it too complicated for this rookie?  Also, I have a Ipcop box between my cable modem and my k12 box, as a firewall/router with dansguardian content filtering; in case this complicates things.  Thanks!
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