[K12OSN] Multiple logins UPDATE

norbert bear2bar at netscape.net
Thu Sep 23 00:57:47 UTC 2004

Hi Les,

Well I've tried that script over and over but I get the same result ! 
Once it runs and I restart dhcpd & xinetd none of the terminals can 
login. The part for the groups seems to be good but it's of little use 
if no one can login....  BTW I'm running this on a test machine ...


les at futuresource.com wrote:

>On Wed, 2004-09-22 at 10:49, norbert wrote:
>>OK the script works, actually it works to well !!! When added to the
>>etc/profile script none of the clients can login , the screen just
>>cycles back to the login prompt ! HELP !!!!
>You still must have some kind of error.  If you still have a
>root login and a backup of the original /etc/profile, put it
>back for the moment. 
>Put the piece you want to add in a separate file somewhere, do
>a 'chmod +x filename' to it, then after a normal login, try
>sh -x filename
>to run it.  The -x is a crude 'debug' mode of the shell that
>shows variable expansion and a few other things line-by-line
>as the script executes.  Usually that is enough to tell what
>is going wrong.
>If you aren't still logged in as root and can't log in again
>you will probably have to reboot to get back in. Yell if that
>is the case - you have to edit the grub kernel line to add the
>word 'single' to bring it up single-user, or boot the install
>cd in rescue mode.
>  Les Mikesell
>    les at futuresource.com
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