[K12OSN] SOLVED ShowGnomeChooserSession=false

Peter Van den Wildenbergh pvdw at criticalcontrol.com
Thu Sep 23 17:21:56 UTC 2004

Looks like the "ShowGnomeChooserSession=false" is no longer in use.
Now here is what I have done.
cp /usr/share/xsession/icewm.desktop /etc/X11/dm/Sessions/
also for kde.desktop reset.desktop
cd /etc/X11/dm/Sessions/
vi-ed into those 3 files and added a line :
From the gdm doc :
The remaining configuration is done by dropping scripts in the subdirectories of 
the <etc>/gdm/ folder or dropping .desktop-style files in /etc/X11/sessions/.
The latter is also read by KDM for common configuration. Next the directory
<share>/gdm/BuiltInSessions/ is read for GDM specific built in sessions (KDM
hardcodes these at time of this writing). Also the default setup will also read
<share>/xsessions/ (which should be /usr/share/xsessions/ if you really wish
to cooperate with KDM) where desktop packages can install their session files. The
directories under the /etc should be reserved for configuration. This approach
makes it easy for package management systems to install window managers
and different session types without requiring the sysadmin to edit files. See the
SessionDesktopDir configuration key for changing the paths. It used to be that
GDM stored its built in sessions in <etc>/dm/Sessions/ but this is now deprecated
as of Note that prior to version only the <etc>/dm/Sessions/ was
being read.
A session can be disabled (if it was installed in /usr/share/xsessions/) by adding
an identically named .desktop to one of the directories earlier in the path (likely
/etc/X11/sessions) and using Hidden=true in that file.
Comments :
 /etc/X11/sessions doesn't exist I used the 'deprecated' /etc/X11/dm/Sessions
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