[K12OSN] startx puts display on server

Dale Harkness dharkness at nsd2.com
Thu Sep 23 17:26:36 UTC 2004

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Even if you go to failsafe, you are still running a session on the

AND, you are already running X.


1) No need to run 'startx', as X is already running.

2) typing 'startx' in a failsafe session is going to try to
   launch X on the server, because that is where you are
   running it.

I think your real problem is in the desktop environment that you have
set for default.  if you dont choose 'failsafe', which disp environment
is it trying to launch?  Choices could be Gnome, KDE or Icewm.

Jim McQuillan
jam at Ltsp.org

On Thu, 23 Sep 2004, Dale Harkness wrote:

> when i log my clients in they seem to go thru, but then my screen just
> takes me back to a logon.  when i go to failsafe terminal and run
> startx, i get the error that display 0 is already in use by the
> server.  if i do a startx -- :1 the computer starts, but the display
> goes to the servers monitor....odd???!!!???.  i am not sure why this
> is, anyone out there know a reason?  thanks.

> dale
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When i load my machines, by default, they are supposed to go to Gnome, however when i do that the screen flickers a few times, and then takes you back to the logon screen.  no errors or anything.  the only logon that works is failsafe.  you can logon to the machines as root and it logons ok, but any other user it just flickers and takes you back.   also when i logon to the server directly i can logon as any user and it logs into their profile just fine.  why is that?

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