[K12OSN] How do i logout users ?

dgd ddaniels at magic.fr
Fri Sep 24 02:10:03 UTC 2004

I run into this problem often... if you find a command that kills errant 
user processes I'd appreciate it if you pass it on...
I tried a combo of who and ps and kill but didn't get far. I too 
rebooted. Furthermore, webmin had trouble locating the users processes 
though they showed up in who.

v. FC1

Guy Lessard wrote:

> Very strange, with the below commands, there is no processes linked to 
> these users sessions. :-\
> I will just reboot the server, that should clear these two sessions 
> and i will monitor more closely what is going on.
> Thank Pete.
> ------------------------------
> From man ps :
>      -u        select by effective user ID (supports names)
>      U         select processes for specified users
> example
> ps -U username
> or
> ps aux | grep username
> Pete
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