[K12OSN] Upgrade woes -- backspace key no longer works

Rita Gibson rgibson57 at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 26 03:06:45 UTC 2004

ssanders at coin.org wrote:

>On Thu, 2004-06-24 at 13:56, Rita Gibson wrote:
>>Hello everyone:  School is out and we decided to upgrade to the latest 
>>and greatest. Calvin tells me it is known as 4.1.0 alpha 7 (I think it 
>>is FC2). 
>hi all, similar story here. upgraded from k12osn 3.1.x to the FC2 one.
>upgrade overall went very well, nice to see the newer default stuff. on
>all terminals backspace acts like delete key, delete key is unchanged. i
>know this is 'the unix way' from days of yore, but my users are
>it seems to be an X issue on the terminals, Ctl-Alt-F1 on the server to
>a plain console window, and it doesn't do it, nor does X session on the
>server.  dmesg doesn't show anything very errant. any suggestions?
This was fixed, and Calvin fixed it, but I can't remember which file it 
was. I have emailed him and asked him to refresh my memory, or if he has 
time, to reply to this on the list.

Rita Gibson

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