[K12OSN] re: CPU or Memory

Dave Prentice prentice at instruction.com
Sun Sep 26 21:14:08 UTC 2004

>From: Liam Marshall <lsrpm at mts.net>
>Subject: [K12OSN] CPU or Memory
>Then today I was frustrated again. After plugging in the power supply
>and connecting everything, I got nothing but a single loooong beep on
>power up. No video at all.  after two hours of frustration, I called
>friend for a fresh perspective.  He brought over another duelly
>We tried video card first, known working from his system.  Zip.  Then
>tried his memory.  Voila!  My 4 GB Kingston memory was defective!
>Sh&&%t!  All that wasted time.
Before you scrap the memory, go into your BIOS setup with the working
2.5gig and see if there isn't a setting for memory that has to do with
parity/non-parity, EDO, or something like that. It may be that you
just have to change that setting to make your 4gig chip work.
Dave Prentice
prentice at instruction.com

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