[K12OSN] switch advice: Netgear or 3com

Walker, Clay clay at bridgeportisd.net
Mon Sep 27 13:02:08 UTC 2004

For what it's worth: I've used HP switches for several years now and have had great success.  
Reasons for the choice: 1.  Lifetime warranty (usually can get the replacement part next day)
2.  Most modules are hot swappable - no/limited downtime.
3.  Much cheaper (50%) than the "big-boys" (Cisco) with the same features (web browser management, command line management, Qos, VLan, trunking, you name it).  I have not compared HP directly to 3Com, but I think it is competitive.  I don't know that HP can compete with Netgear in the price-war.  


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dahopkins at comcast.net wrote:

> I have the prior version of the Netgear 48 port switch (3 in fact), 
> the one without the browser-based management and have not had any 
> issues. (In fact, we have almost identical server hardware, dual Gig 
> E, etc.)   Performance is very acceptable.  The only caveat is that I 
> can't get sound working consistently, but that is probably just me 
> (using LTSP 3, not 4, K12ltsp 3.1.2, not 4.x) and when it works, it 
> lags the video.  With the QOS options on the new switch, plus vlan, I 
> wish I had the new netgear.  In over a year's use, we haven't had to 
> deliberately reset the switches ever.  For what it is worth, there are 
> some netgear switches on ebay as well. (24 port and 48 port).
> Sincerely,
> Dave Hopkins

Thanks for the info. I'll take that as a plus for the netgear. One 
concern I have is the warranty on the Netgear. The switch itself is 5 
years but the power supply is only 2 years. The 3com is 3 years for the 

One other option I'm considering is the 3com 2250 unmanaged 48 + 2 gig e 
port switch. It is a about $70 more than the netgear but no management 
at all. At least the fs750t netgear has browser based management. 

Robert Arkiletian

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