[K12OSN] MS Outlook coming with MS Office <was: Bottom post>

"Terrell Prudé, Jr." microman at cmosnetworks.com
Tue Sep 28 03:13:44 UTC 2004

On the subject of MS Outlook and MS Office, there's a great way to 
introduce Free/Open Source Software to those still wedded to Microsoft 
Windows.  Instead of loading MS Office, you can install OpenOffice.org 
and Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird on their 32-bit Windows boxes and say 
that it's a needed "security fix".  Only later down the road do you clue 
them in that they're not using MS Office.  :-)  And, of course, you 
rename the "Mozilla Firefox" icon to "Netscape".

The Thunderbird suggestion assumes, of course, that you're not using MS 
Exchange Server as your mail server.  To my knowledge, Evolution, with 
its now-GPL'd MS Exchange Connector, hasn't yet been ported to Win32, 
and I personally don't know of any plans to do so (there may be, I just 
don't know them).  If you are using Exchange Server, then the bosses'll 
probably expect and demand Outlook...but OpenOffice.org and Firefox can 
still be options, and a good intro.

I am using exactly this strategy now with a customer of mine.  Several 
of their XP boxes have OO.o, Tbird, and Firefox.  The boss has also 
installed MS Office, since he's paranoid about file compatibility, but 
his chief lieutenant has only OO.o and doesn't really know the 
difference.  Said lieutenant is, though, absolutely tickled pink that 
his box is just as junk-free and fast today as it was 4-5 months ago 
when I rebuilt it (it was really, really bad!).  This will take time, 
but with patience, I see the eventual result.  :-)


norbert wrote:

> Hi,
> Unfortunately Outlook comes as part of Microsoft Office 
> ............... hmm well after some thought I should say fortunately 
> !!! since it's a great "backdoor" opening for hackers.... not that I 
> would hack anything ....
> norbert
> pfaffman at gmail.com wrote:
>>On Mon, 27 Sep 2004 13:25:26 -0500, David H. Barr <david at okgoodwill.org> wrote:
>>>And the answer for many of you Outlook users is (perhaps) QuoteFix
>>I didn't think that anyone who had the time and energy to install
>>software used Outlook.

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