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Ken Meyer kmeyer at blarg.net
Tue Sep 28 04:21:09 UTC 2004

1) The top vs. bottom post thread is certain to recur, apparently especially
on lists inhabited by computer-centric persons

2) sine qua non => something essential; ergo, this recurrence is an
essential aspect of such lists (maybe for the mental well-being of the

3) I should ignore the thread because it will go away, but my compulsion to
confront this issue is, sadly, as irresistible as anyone else's is to raise
it repeatedly and fruitlessly, because everyone will do as they damn well
please anyway

4) If posting in HTML, a truly noxious practice, cannot be suppressed, this
much less critical issue is not going anywhere.

5) Nevertheless, when someone tells me that it's "obvious" that I am doing
something wrong, when a conscientious career in developing logical solutions
can identify no more than a fielder's choice level of determinism, hackles
start to go up.

Kabish, Henry?

Ken M.

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Ken Meyer wrote:

> It appears that it's time for the annual rehash of this issue, which
> is apparently a "sine qua non" for all geek-oriented lists.  So, my
> intuition is screaming to let this lie, as it too will pass; but
> apparently, I am going to ignore that internal advice yet again.

What are you talking about?

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> Around Mon,Sep 27 2004, at 10:45,  Jay Pfaffman, wrote:
>> the conversation and don't need to see the quoted text (since they
>> just read the other message).  Then it's a drag to have to scroll
>> down through the quoted text, which likely includes lots of stuff not
> Properly done, you would cut the lines of garbage that aren't
> relevant. Unlike top-posters that feel 80k of text is okay since it's
> down below. (no, yours wasn't 80k.)

Oh, I see.  Never mind. ;-)


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