[K12OSN] CPU or Memory

Liam Marshall lsrpm at mts.net
Tue Sep 28 13:13:06 UTC 2004

Liam Marshall wrote:

> Paul Pianta wrote:
>> Liam Marshall wrote:
>>> So now, instead of changing two things, cpus and memory, I basically
>>> have a dual cpu machine, and 2.5 GB.  I plan to try out the system 
>>> under
>>> load with the students on Monday, seeing as how I have no choice. 
>>> Replacement ram will take at least a week to arrive.  By the end of the
>>> day on Monday I will know whether doubling the cpu's solved the entire
>>> issue.  If it does, I will get my money back for the ram and leave 
>>> it at
>>> that.  If it helps, but not enough, I will go for the ram to
>>> If anyone is interested I will post results Monday night.
>> I'm interested! I am also interested in knowing what kind of setup 
>> you have network-wise. Do you have:
>> hub/switch?
>> standard switch/Gig-E switch?
>> 10Mbit/100Mbit/1000Mbit cards?
>> Tuxtype is graphics intensive and therefore *very* bandwidth 
>> intensive. It is normal that there is a slowdown with lots of clients 
>> using tuxtype at the same time ...
>> but I'm still interested in the OO results :)
>> pantz
> 3 - regular 10/100 switches each with a wire running to an 8 port 
> router, both lines from the server go into this router.  All nics are 
> 10/100's
> Can't afford gig-e switches
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cpus are running fine.  during program start, (OO or other) cpu usage 
spikes but then settles down.  It is entirely livable as is, without the 
extra ram.  Only problem now is things like Tux Type and Tux Math.  They 
seem to bog down system horribly.  They are graphics intensive, but as 
everything else is acceptable, why them?  10/100 nics everywhere, and 
10/100 switches.  Because of the server motherboard switch, 1 of its 
nics is a Gig one, but it is plugging into a 10/100 switch so is unused 
to its potential

Question.  Will getting a Gig switch that the server will plug into, 
along with a line from the other 10/100 switches do anything?  I mean, 
if only the server has Gig nic, what good would it accomplish if I 
cannot afford to put gig switches and nics everywhere?  I have truly 
blown the budget for this year.  I might be able to squeeze out a small 
gig switch, but what good is it?

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