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Jesse McDonnell jessemcdonnell at comcast.net
Tue Sep 28 23:37:58 UTC 2004

On Tue, 28 Sep 2004 15:18:00 -0700
Steve Hargadon <steve.hargadon at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Tue, 28 Sep 2004 17:48:06 -0400, Jesse McDonnell
> <jessemcdonnell at comcast.net> wrote:
> > posting on K12OSN and ltsp-discuss:
> > 
> > I'm a school librarian, a long-time homeuser of LTSP/K12LTSP, and a member (and Director) of the Pennsylvania School Librarians Association. PSLA's conference will be held from April 27-30, 2005 at the Hershey Lodge and Convention Center. We're looking into the possiblity of setting up an Internet Cafe to provide email and internet access to participants.
> > 
> Geographically, I am not necessarily your first choice, but this is
> something I would be glad to help with, and I may be able to provide
> the hardware through my contacts in the non-profit refurbishment
> world.


Thanks for your support and the offer of help. I see from your website that you're located in California, so we are, indeed, quite a bit removed geographically. But, if any of your contacts in Pennsylvania can provide loaner hardware that would be great. 

> I'd also like the opportunity to shoulder some of the responsibility
> if you felt it would be appropriate in doing so to indicate that our
> company helps set up LTSP labs.

I won't be the only person deciding on this and on *how* it's done but I don't think there will be any problem in publicly recognizing and acknowledging that the Internet Cafe was a result of the contributions and efforts of named individuals and/or organizations/companies. Of course, if anyone wants to remain anonymous we'll respect that also.  Do you have other areas of responsibility in mind (in addition to trying to get loaner hardware)?


Jesse McDonnell, Teacher-Librarian
Franklin Regional Senior High School
Murrysville, PA 15668

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