[K12OSN] Multiple logins UPDATE

goblin at scooter.co.nz goblin at scooter.co.nz
Wed Sep 29 23:34:44 UTC 2004

norbert wrote:
> Hi Les,
> Well I've tried that script over and over but I get the same result ! 
> Once it runs and I restart dhcpd & xinetd none of the terminals can 
> login. The part for the groups seems to be good but it's of little use 
> if no one can login....  BTW I'm running this on a test machine ...

Probably getting headers from ps (use the "h" option)

anyways try this see if it works



if [ -n "$(ps -u $LOGNAME h | grep -v $my_tty)" ]; then
cat << EOF

       You already have an active session on this system and you are
       allowed a single session.  This session will now be closed


sleep 2




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