[K12OSN] (no subject)

David H. Barr david at okgoodwill.org
Thu Sep 30 14:08:23 UTC 2004

Greetings, List!

I've finally gotten enough of my urgent projects completed that I have a
few days to focus on an IMPORTANT project; that of converting our old
email server into a K12LTSP server.  I rsync'ed my 4.0.1 images to 4.1.0
overnight, and ran the install this morning -- flawless!

Then, after installing, I noticed all the LDAP / KB5 stuff.  Wow!  It
never occurred to me that I could use the K12LTSP box as a PDC!  I had
originally planned to use an old nt 4.0 license in there to take care of
the Windows boxes (we keep the lab on it's own domain and subnet).

At any rate, I say all that to say this: I went around looking for
HOW-TO's on the subject of using JUST my K12LTSP box as the sole
authentication for a mixed MS and *nix network, and all my searches led
me here:


Sadly, all the links from that page appear to be outdated / broken.  My
question for you today, then, is this:  Where can I find current
documentation on setting up K12LTSP as a PDC?


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