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Re: [K12OSN] K12LTSP 4.2.1 pre3, ready for production?

> > I have a what I think is a 1st generation iMac (it's that funny blue
> > color).  I installed the latest version available at sunsite.utk.edu a
> > couple hours ago; yum update doesn't get any new ppc stuff.  I hold
> > down the N key and get a network boot.  Forgiving typos, this is what
> > the mac says:
> The 1st generation iMacs can not use DHCP, they have to use BOOTP. I
> don't know how to set this up with K12LTSP, but that should at least
> point you in the right direction.

I have read the same thing as well.  The /etc/dhcpd.conf has the optiona 
allow bootp; added to remedy this.  

I can assure you that the first generation of iMacs will boot with the new 
PPC additions.  I have booted Rev A Bondi iMacs just fine, and often, which 
to my knowledge are the absolute first iMacs ever released.

If they still won't boot for you I would love to see the following config 
files for starters:

It has to be a simple error.  Are you running this in a fresh install or and 
upgrade?  Is this a single NIC server?  Is this server on the network with 
another DHCP server that may be overriding or beating the LTSP server to the 
punch, or even a router offering dhcp?  How is your test network setup, to 
isolate things more only place the LTSP NIC on a switch along with the imac 
completely isolated from the network or other machines, even your router.  
See if it boots then.

Maybe the reason that yaboot isn't loading is you are grabbing a address 
from another dhcp server and that server isn't correctly configured to pass 

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