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Re: [K12OSN] DHCP question

> We're attempting to place a K12LTSP server in a Windows 2000 network
> and continue to use MS for DHCP.  Can we point to eth1 to download a
> kernel to thin clients or should we point to eth0 and disable the
> K12LTSP DHCP daemon?
> Thanks!
> Steve

I am a little confused with the setup and question.  If you are running a 2 
NIC setup I would assume your thin clients are on the internal LTSP network 
and isolated from the existing Windows Network and current DHCP server so it 
shouldn't really have any effect.

If this isn't the case and your K12LTSP server is feeding clients on the 
same network as your Windows machines and Windows dhcp server you will most 
likely want to go with a single NIC setup (which I like a lot and is all I 
use now).

>From there I am not familiar how to use Windows dhcp server (I assume it is 
the dreaded active directory stuff you're using).  I know you can either 
setup the LTSP dhcp to use an alternate port and thus be transparent to the 
existing Windows machines, or you can tweak the current Windows config to 
point to the LTSP server to find the necessary files in tftp, or even setup 
tftp locally on the Windows machine and place the kernel and initrd and 
stuff there.  But someone else would be better suited to give the 
particulars in this area.

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