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Re: [K12OSN] A performance question


When I think of a true LAMP server, X-windows isn't
installed. In this case, having your LAMP server also
a LTSP server will take a little more resources
because X has to be installed and always running.

A lot of people also use their LAMP server as a
desktop or workstation computer. In this case, adding
LTSP won't hurt performance too much unless you have a
lot of clients.


--- Mark Cockrell <cockrell honeygroveisd net> wrote:
> I want to set up a simple LAMP server, and I have
> the K12LTSP CDs 
> handy.  Is there any reason I shouldn't use them to
> load up my sever?  I 
> was going to go ahead and let it set load the LTSP
> goodies along the way 
> so that I could have such niceties as the seamless
> VNC integration.  
> Will this adversely affect system performance?  Does
> the LTSP setup eat 
> up RAM/CPU cycles even when there are no clients
> attached?
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> C-ya,
> Mark
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