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[K12OSN] weird squidguard problem

I can't for the life of me figure this one out.  I'm trying to add
sites to be blocked.  I've tried adding them to the local-block domain
and url files but they won't block. Other sites in the lists block,
just not the two that I've added. I've restarted the squidguard and
httpd services and the permissions are OK.  What the heck am I doing

Thanks in advance,

# See http://www.squidguard.org/config/ for more examples

dbhome /var/squidGuard/blacklists
logdir /var/log/squidGuard

#source passall {
#	ip
#	ip
#	ip

#destination local-denied {
#	urllist		local-denied.desturllist
#	domainlist	local-denied.destdomainlist
#	log		local-denied
#destination local-allowed {
#	domainlist	local-allowed.destdomainlist
#	urllist		local-allowed.desturllist

dest ads {
    log        ads
    domainlist    ads/domains
    urllist        ads/urls

dest audio-video {
    log        audio-video
    domainlist    audio-video/domains
    urllist        audio-video/urls

dest aggressive {
    log        aggressive
    domainlist    aggressive/domains
    urllist        aggressive/urls

dest drugs {
    log        drugs
    domainlist    drugs/domains
    urllist        drugs/urls

dest gambling{
    log        gambling
    domainlist    gambling/domains
    urllist        gambling/urls

dest hacking {
    log        hacking
    domainlist    hacking/domains
    urllist        hacking/urls

dest mail {
    log        mail
    domainlist    mail/domains
    urllist        mail/urls

dest porn{
    log        porn
    domainlist    porn/domains
    urllist        porn/urls

dest proxy{
    log        proxy
    domainlist    proxy/domains
    urllist        proxy/urls

dest violence{
    log        violence
    domainlist    violence/domains
    urllist        violence/urls

dest redirector{
   log redirector
   domainlist   redirector/domains
   urllist      redirector/urls

dest warez{
    log        warez
    domainlist    warez/domains
    urllist        warez/urls

#dest local-ok{
  #   domainlist      local-ok/domains
  #   urllist         local-ok/urls#

dest local-block{
    log             local-block
    domainlist      local-block/domains
    urllist         local-block/urls

rewrite google {
    s@(google.com/search.*q=.*)@\1\&safe=active i
    s@(google.com/images.*q=.*)@\1\&safe=active i
    s@(google.com/groups.*q=.*)@\1\&safe=active i
    s@(google.com/news.*q=.*)@\1\&safe=active i
    # log google

acl {
	default {
	# for google to be in "safe mode"
	rewrite google

	 pass !local-block  !ads !drugs !hacking !warez !mail !redirector
!violence !audio-video !proxy !aggressive !hacking !gambling !porn all


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