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RE: [K12OSN] SME & k12ltsp 4.2.1

> Configuration;
> Cable modem -> SME 6.0 -> k12ltsp 4.2.1 server -> switch -> clients
> The SME server can connect to the outside & to the local lan, 
> clients get an ip address but can't connect outside 
> (internet.) The k12ltsp server can ping the SME server & the 
> clients but not to the internet. Any suggestion ???

Any chance there are conflicting networks?  Say 192.168.1.x on both
sides of LTSP server?  

At least it sounds like a problem at the server and not clients.  How
about the default route on the K12LTSP server, is it set to head toward
the SME?  Or the default route on the SME box, set to the internet

What happened before the problem?  Did you upgrade your LTSP box (I
think from prior posts the answer is yes)?  Did you upgrade the SME
server?  If SME stayed the same I would think a problem with the LTSP
server routes.  

I know my home LTSP server gave me major headaches with the switch from
3.1.2.  I had to add the acpi=off in order to get to the internet on it.

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