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[K12OSN] OT -- script named "User iFOrmation -- ufo"

Dear All,

I have written a small script and named it "User iFOrmation -- ufo"
which i want to share with all of you, so where shall i put it!! on the
user list or there is some place for that, please let me know so that i
will post it accordingly

the script i have written will do as :-

1) List of Users Currently Logged in :- this option will tell you about
the names of all the users who are currently logged-in in your
system(ltsp server)
2) Process of User :- This option will tell you about the listt of all
the process(s) of a particular user
3) CPU and Memory Consumption :- This option will tell you about the
memory and CPU consumption by all users(accumulated), total and also per
user - per process and accumulated
4) Killing User Process :- This option will help you to kill all or
single process of a user, for this you will need to typein the complete
process e.g.

Enter username of whom to kill process :- bimal
running processes of bimal are :-


so you need to type or cut & paste this!! in case of killing single
5) User Details :- This option will tell you about the total system and
general users you have on your system with their UID,GID and NAME


i have tested this script on redhat box, though this script may not be
the best/professional one, but is helping me a lot, so i just want to
share it with all, BUT use it at YOUR OWN RISK!!

you need to use this as a SUPER USER(root), so i would recommend to put
it in "/sbin", change its permission as "chmod 710 ufo"

any suggestion/modification/comments will always be welcomed as there
may be a lot of things which may have skipped my mind or may be i dont


Bimal Pandit
bimal pandit indoasian com
IndoAsian Fusegear Ltd.
Noida, U.P â 201305
Phone:- +91-120-2568472/2568093-098
Fax:- +91-120-2568473
Website:- www.indoasian.com

Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark;
professionals built the Titanic.   --   Anonymous

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