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RE: [K12OSN] Regressions after yum update

I recently wrote an article about how to handle a
roll-back like this. It may be useful for those list
members who don't have a lot of Linux experience
(though probably won't say anything new for
experienced admins)



Original Message
After doing a yum update on Wed., I ran into problems.
 The following two
issues may impact Dell PowerEdge uses.  They certainly
affected our Dell
PowerEdge 2800.

1.  Radeon 7000 video issue with the SMP kernel causes
an almost immediate
crash after logging into the graphics console.  See
bug 152648 in
bugzilla.  It does not impact the non-smp kernel.  The
problem is caused
by the xorg-x11 updates.

2.  hwclock problem in the updated kernel.  See bug
144894 in bugzilla.

Mark Orenstein
East Granby, CT School System.

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