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[K12OSN] Status

Hey folks,

I'm going to delay putting out official K12LTSP 4.2.1 ISO images for
at least another week.

The main reason for this is that MESD is having an ISP problem that
is limiting our out-bound bandwidth. This probably won't be fixed until next weekend. The k12linux.mesd.k12.or.us FTP/HTTP/RSYNC server is +90% of our out-bound bandwidth, I'm concerned that we
won't have enough bandwidth for new ISOs.

I would also like to do at least one more build. Several regressions
have been reported that will be fixed. Adding new packages to the repositories before releasing the ISOs has been a useful excersize.
Since there appears to be little interest in helping test out new
builds, adding new packages to the repository first gives me a way
to address regressions much faster than releasing a new set of ISOs.
I would much rather catch regressions BEFORE unleasing them on the
general public, but we've got to work with what resources we have.

Right now I'm focusing on "MueKow" R&D. I have a rough implementation for FC3 and am starting work on a Ubuntu version. If all works out as well as I expect, the next major version of K12LTSP will support at least FC4, RHEL4, and Ubuntu 5.04 ;-)


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