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Re: [K12OSN] users kicked out on 4.2.1

I have had similar experiences with my installation. I havent found out what
triggers it and the logs aint telling me whats up. Sometimes it looks as if one
hung station (hung while booting) can hang the others also booting.


Citerar Julius Szelagiewicz <julius turtle com>:

> Dear Folks,
> 	after upgrading my 3.2.0 production server to 4.2.1 (pre), I
> started experiencing sudden user logouts and station inability to get a
> login screen. This looks as if the MaxSessions in gdm.conf was
> too low, but the bad behavior continues after changing this number from
> 250 to 2500 and rebooting. What am I missing here? The users are beginning
> to riot.
> thanks, julius
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