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Re: [K12OSN] Mobile Wireless Lab?


This is the link to the wireless files you need.  If
you download and untar it, you'll find instructions on
how to use it.  Basically you create a boot floppy
which includes a kernel and then does all the nice
ltsp stuff.

I tried it with an old laptop and haven't gotten it to
work yet.  I'm using a wired pcmcia card and I'm
suspecting that it might be incompatible w/ the
drivers on the boot floppy.  Included in the
documentation is a very short list of cards that were
tested and confirmed to work, and my Xircom card is
not on that list.

My laptop only has 16MB of RAM, but I have NFS swap
enabled and the laptop never manages to mount the root
tree on the server, so I think the low RAM is not the
show stopper.  If anybody has any suggestions, I'd
appreciate it.  


--- Casey Woods <casey woods gmail com> wrote:
> I've done a search on Wireless LTSP and the
> information seems a bit 
> sketchy and there are a lot of gaps.  I hear rumors
> of a wireless LTSP 
> package but I'm having a tough time finding details
> or a HOWTO.
> I have a mobile lab that includes 20 laptops.  All
> are Pentium 2 233s.  
> Not sure what brand, but I'm going to guess Dell. 
> All classrooms are 
> wired, so they just plugin an access point, boot up
> the laptops with 
> Win98 and off they go.   Slowly....
> We'd like to convert these laptops to thin clients. 
> Is it possible to 
> net boot with a PCMCIA wireless card?  I believe the
> cards are 802.11G 
> so the network connection should be fast enough if I
> can get them to 
> connect.  Could I install LTSP client software on
> the local hard drive?  
> What are the chances it will work with my network
> card?  I'll do 
> whatever it takes!
> If I can get this to work then they may hold a
> parade in my honor.  
> You're all invited.
> I'd be interested to hear from you if you've got
> this working.
> Thanks,
> Casey Woods
> Calgary Alberta
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