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Re: [K12OSN] how about a live CD or live usb hard drive?

This is similar to what we do for demo purposes. The single NIC server works great for this. What we do for the client is use a PXES Thin Client bootable CD. It works great regardless of what type of DHCP is being used etc.....
Just download the PXES ISO and you are set!

Jim Kronebusch wrote:
show off K12LTSP to schools.  I'm thinking
specifically of a school that is local to me which has
a newish P4 in every classroom.  I'd like to show them
that they can turn each of those desktop machines into
a server and add 5 or so thin clients to each
classroom.  I think if I could plug in a usb hard
drive and boot their existing computer off of it (and
provide my own thin clients), it would really drive
the point home.

Our Solution to this has just been to buy a couple of the bottom of the line Dell home machines as demo servers. The last one we bought was a 2.8GHZ celeron with 512MB RAM and an 80GB HD with a 17" flat screen for $500. Then we just configure them as a single NIC server with K12LTSP. This way we can just change the IP to match the new network, re-run the k12ltsp-initialize scripts, slam it on their network, and start booting clients from anywhere on their network. Any more than 5 clients and heavy use will about kill it, but it is enough to get the point across and let them start playing with the software.

We of course tell them that this is not a real server and that a decent
one will cost them about $5000 and run 30-40 concurrent clients (with
standard applications, not 40 instances of Kstars while playing Chess

After a few months we'll just wipe these machines and sell them for
about the same price then buy new ones if we need them.

-- Thanks, David

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