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Re: [K12OSN] Given this situation, why bother continue with LTSP?

I know it is bad taste to reply to ones own message, but I hit the send
message, and realized I did not spell check.  Just want to apologize for
my horrible spelling.  I may be an educator, but have never been good
with the whole spelling thing (I'm a math guy ;-)  )  I did spell check
the message below :-)

On Wed, 20 Apr 2005 14:52:20 -0400
Kevin Squire <gentgeen linuxmail org> wrote:

> My BIG question would be the upgrade costs --
> in 5 years will this person be willing to buy all new machines?
> What about the NEW cost of installing Windows? -- Do they pay you to
> maintain the lab? Do you have a dual-role?  Because now you will have
> to spend more time away from your current work schedule to maintain
> that lap, therefore work longer hours, therefore need paid more. 
> As another note, it drives me nuts, as an educator, when I hear people
> say that "my child will be at a disadvantage cause he/she is not
> learning Windows"  UGH, what a stupid argument.  In High School I
> took a computer course, and a "college writing" course.  The computer
> course was designed COMPLETELY around Window 3.1 and DOS.  The college
> Writing course include a HUGE amount of time teaching WordPerfect 5.1
> I college I took a course called "DOS, Windows, and The Internet", I
> was designed as a "intro" course on how to use the computer.  It was
> based on using DOS (as the name), Windows 3.11, and Gopher, the
> Internet as we know it(www) was just 1 chapter in this HUGE book, and
> not even covered in class.  -- I don't use any of these anymore, and
> the same goes for their child.  I am sure this goes for many of the
> people on this list.  How many of you actually were "schooled" with
> your current computer system???????
> Ask the parents that question.  Ask any teacher in your school that
> question.  Are they at a disadvantage? or did they adapt their old
> knowledge to the new paradigm?  We need to teach child HOW TO USE A
> parent/teachers that answered yes to the first question, "What if you
> WERE taught how to use <INSERT TYPE OF PROGRAM> instead of <NAME
> BRANDED PROGRAM>, do you think you would still be at a disadvantage?" 
> If they are honest with you and themselves, I'm sure you will get the
> answer you want to hear.
> I want my child to learn how to use a word processor, not how to use
> Word -- I want my child to learn how to search the Internet for VALID
> information, not how to use Internet Explorer.  I want my child to
> learn how to move/copy/delete/backup files and WHY, not just how to do
> it in Windows XP.  I certainly do not want my child's actions to be
> followed by some spy-ware crap, or have her browser hi-jacked by some
> horrible web site, and have her sent to some XXX-site.
> Sorry, my rant is over now :-)
> I know you have an up-hill fight on your hands, know that you are not
> alone, even when you feel like you are.
> As a side note, why not use maybe IceWM and ROX-Filer, or KDE, or
> adjust GNOME -- make things a little more "Windows Friendly".  You can
> even find a number of themes out there that will give you the ugly
> green button and such.  Might take off some of the heat.  I have spent
> a lot of time making Linux Desktops "Windows Friendly" so feel free to
> ask for input.
> On Wed, 20 Apr 2005 11:24:02 -0700
> Steve Hargadon <steve hargadon gmail com> wrote:
> > > Given that the major driving force which helped me discover LTSP
> > > was the ability to afford Windows, with that roadblock gone, what
> > > reason is there not to go with Windows?
> > 
> > Well, certainly you face the continued virus/spyware issues and
> > maintenance associated with that.  And later upgrade and license
> > fees.
> > 
> > Could you run both Windows and LTSP?  
> > 
> > 
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