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[K12OSN] Re: OSX Help

Jim Kronenbusch wrote:

I have setup OSX successfully to auth to the new SAMBA/LDAP package. No local
accounts needed on OSX other than the admin account, but it will work in
conjunction with local accounts as well. I will be using this on our whole
campus next year and make the switch over the summer.

It connects over LDAP and when you get your login screen in OSX it pulls from
the Linux LDAP server. Upon login it mounts your home folder via nfs as the
native OSX home folder locally. This gives you full roaming profiles with
OSX! Very cool.

If you are interested in going this way let me know and I'll document this.
Currently it works with 10.3 and I will be updating this to be sure it works
with 10.4 when my copy of that shows up in the next week or 2. I assume it
will be similar to what is needed in 10.2 as well but there may be slight
changes. Apple seems to be constantly updating the admin portion of LDAP.


I'm very interested in going that way. Any documentation you can give in that regards would be greatly appreciated.

Jimmy Schwankl

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