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[K12OSN] Problem with IBM Netvista P3/1GHz as LTSP Client

I'm supposed to help a public school install k12ltsp next week and
they have 25 x IBM Netvista p3/1ghz machines, model 6579-RAU.

They sent me a sample unit, and I cannot get it to boot up to my k12ltsp server.

1. PXE boot mode doesn't do anything, passes by it quickly.

2. Installed (original) Intel PCI nic, when booting from a boot
floppy, stops at "Checking 'hlt' instruction..."

3. 3Com 3C905-TX card that I know and love and use all the time stops
at the same place.

I've updated the bios on the machine to the latest version.  Before I
did that, sometimes the workstation has stopped at "mounting root
filesystem:  /opt/..." and sometimes at "Running dhcpcd on port 67." 
Now the error is more consistent, but every once in a while the
machine reboots in the middle of the startup.

This is not one of the IBM Netvista "thin client" boxes, but a regular PC.

Anyone have any ideas or experience with this same issue?



Steve Hargadon
916-899-1400 direct

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