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[K12OSN] Re: The Gimp and printing

You might try setting gimp to just print straight to the printer (try
setting it to raw or lp) I just looked at my gimp setup and was
surprised to see that I do not even have a File->Print option.
So that shows how often I try to print from gimp :o)

Well, from the toolbox, there won't be a "Print" option, since, what, do you want to print the toolbox? ;^)

It would be the "File" menu in a particular image's window.
(In Gimp 2.x, there's finally a menu bar across the top.  In all versions
of Gimp, right-clicking the canvas brings up a pop-up menu with the various
menus, including "File".)

Under there, you'll find "Print" hiding. :)

Nope. I looked there too. No print option anywhere.

The major problem in my setup is a painfully old gimp 1.3.23
compiled with the -gimpprint use flag set, which apparently
made the print option go away completely.

Oh well... at least now I am motivated to upgrade to 2.0.

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