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RE: [K12OSN] Which server would you prefer?

> Well, this is to appease those who want a windows networked 
> environment. The goal is to have the clients dual-boot, and 
> if they boot into Windows XP then they'd be able to log in 
> and have their desktop pulled down from the server and access 
> all their files, settings etc. (just like ltsp). So I think 
> it needs to run windows, not just a windows file server, non?

This is exactly where the SAMBA/LDAP setup comes in.  This will allow
you to have a linux box host roaming profiles just as a Window Server
would.  Your users will never know the difference.  The only catch is if
they need to run an app from the server that is windows based.

> I did not know that. I haven't started looking for the RAM 
> because I am not sure of the specifics for the Proliant RAM. 
> In addition, a question has been raised if it can actually 
> support 8 GB, or only 4 GB.

Most likely this is like one of my old quad processor machines and uses
EDO RAM.  Vary antique and slow compared to the new stuff.

My vote is still for 2 servers, the quad as /home and the PIV for LTSP
serving.  Configure SAMBA/LDAP on the PIV and your Windows users will be
able to use this same setup as well.

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