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Re: [K12OSN] IceWM, Gnome & Nautilus FRUSTRATIONS


Sounds like maybe /home really isn't mounted.  Or like
Les said, maybe the uid's don't match up right.  Try

At the login screen on the server that you're having
trouble with, try to log in a user.  I expect that
you're going to have the same situation as if you
tried to log that user in at a terminal.  Then hit
ctrl-alt-f2 for a shell login prompt.  Try again to
log in a user.  Watch for a message that says
something like "home directory can't be found, using
temporary home..."  At least that's the error my
Mandrake box gives if I try to log in while /home is
not mounted.

Anyway, I think you'll probably get some kind of
error, and I think that the gui login is probably
hiding that error from you.


--- richard ingalls <aslansreturn yahoo com> wrote:
> What USED to work:
> - RedHat8.0 based K12LTSP (3.0.0) server; serving
> /home out to other LTSP servers (all RH8).  No
> problems.
> - upgraded the OTHER classroom machines to FC3 based
> K12LTSP (4.2.0); everything still worked fine
> -upgraded the /home server to FC3 (4.2.0); did a
> complete FRESH install
> NOW students can only log in at the one classroom
> where the /home server is.  If they log in at the
> other classrooms, they get the IceWM bar at the
> bottom
> of the screen, but NO desktop ICONS and NO file
> manager.  ALSO, they can't even USE any of the
> buttons
> on the taskbar.  Clicking on one results in NOTHING
> happening.  NO Firefox, no OpenOffice... nada.
> This used to work beautifully with RH8.  I bragged
> about how little I had to work on this Linux-based
> classroom network (all 4 classrooms).  NOW, I've
> spent
> weeks trying to make this "new" supposed upgrade
> work.
> Doesn't ANYONE have an ALL FC3 network serving /home
> out to other FC3 boxes?  Can't someone tell me what
> is
> happening and HOW to fix it?  I'm beginning to HATE
> Fedora Core 3, and I don't want to.  I think it's
> eye
> candy appeal is worth it to convince people about
> the
> validity of Linux.  BUT no amount of eye candy is
> worth this TROUBLE!

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