[K12OSN] Magazine mock-up...getting the hang of Scribus!

Timothy Hart timothy.hart at gmail.com
Sat Dec 3 14:35:23 UTC 2005

Great work. I am playing around with the same thing. Although I am
having a little trouble with color matching. I am trying to get it a
little more lickable (gradients and such) and am making the header and
borders in inkscape. Keeping it SVG and importing it into Scribus is
nice, but Scribus seems to chew the SVG a little in the color

Also any gradient I export to PDF seems washed out.

I like what you did though. What do you think about having that left
block totally separated from the top, like a drawer in OS X.

I will continue to play with the gradient thing and hopefully we will
have some templates to input articles into soon.


On 12/3/05, David Trask <dtrask at vcsvikings.org> wrote:
> With regard to The Open Source Educator...I have produced a mock-up of a
> Table of Contents page as part of my experimenting.  The article
> names....images...etc. are all completely BOGUS....I made them up simply
> for this mock-up.  You can see it here
> http://www.vcsvikings.org/download/TOSE-template.pdf
> I'm getting the hang of this Scribus stuff.....very cool!  I'm liking it a
> lot!  Give me some feedback and some articles!
> http://www.vcsvikings.org/tose    (wiki)
> David N. Trask
> Technology Teacher/Coordinator
> Vassalboro Community School
> dtrask at vcsvikings.org
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