[K12OSN] K12LTSP...My Opinion

Eric Harrison eharrison at mail.mesd.k12.or.us
Sun Dec 4 06:05:26 UTC 2005

On Sun, 4 Dec 2005, Paul VanGundy wrote:

> WARNING: The following is my opinion and is based off of my
> experiences :)
> All,
> I am finding that K12LTSP is quite exceptional at the primary education
> level. The games and applications available to students at that age are
> broad and deep. However, I am finding that K12LTSP isn't very robust for
> our high school level students. K12LTSP is quite "kiddish" to most of
> our high school students as they see TuxPaint, TuxType and the Mr.
> Potato Head type games. Granted, I can deselect the packages that I
> don't wish to be installed but then what am I left with? LTSP.
> I am currently getting Ubuntu LTSP up and running and it is going very
> well. I believe that Ubuntu LTSP will fit in quite well in our high
> school (besides, I like debian based distros GO APT-GET! :)) as I will
> then install and configure applications that will meet the needs of our
> high school students.
> Why am I even emailing this you may ask? I am curious as to other users
> experience with K12LTSP in their high schools...or even if any of you
> use it in your high schools. I hear of it being used a lot in the
> elementary and middle school levels. Granted, I have been to Exeter, NH
> where they use it in one of their high schools but it resembles LTSP
> more than K12LTSP. Those that have Linux in your high schools, do you do
> stand alones, LTSP, or K12LTSP? Thanks.

Please enlighten me ;-)

If you remove the "kiddish" packages: TuxPaint, TuxType, etc, how do
you perceive that K12LTSP is different from Ubuntu?

>From my experience (I have Ubuntu on my laptop, obviously know K12LTSP
quite well), there is very little difference to the end user. I have had
people tell me the difference is that one is blue and one is brown ;-)


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