[K12OSN] What does this change?

David Trask dtrask at vcsvikings.org
Tue Dec 6 12:29:36 UTC 2005

Should kick a$$ especially once the Samba bits are polished...I think you
can put Samba onto it, but not sure if the GUI works with it....should
though.  Anyone gonna' test?

scott at hosef.org on Monday, December 5, 2005 at 3:21 PM +0000 wrote:
>"NEW - Fedora Directory Server 1.0 is released
>We are pleased to announce the release of Fedora Directory Server 1.0!
>version fulfills the promise to open all of the directory server source
>that we made almost 1 year ago - 12/8/2004 - the date at which Red Hat 
>acquired the code. Here are some Screenshots. 
>Welcome to the Fedora Directory Server. The Fedora Directory Server is a 
>robust, scalable open-source server designed to manage large directories
>users and resources. It is based on an open-systems server protocol
>the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)."
>It sounds like this is going to provide the same functionality of
>integration of LDAP with Webmin or this lists' own SMB-LDAP installer. 
>this somewhat correct?  Impressive work, as always, by the Fedora team.
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