[K12OSN] phpSANE - how to get it working? - success

John Hegarty jh at clongowes.net
Thu Dec 8 18:46:56 UTC 2005

Thanks to Gentgeen for suggesting looking at phpSANE and Jon Spriggs for
the various suggestions on how to get it working. 

It is such a simple idea and now that I have it working it works great.

I changed lots of bits and pieces but I think my problem was something
to do with settings in apache in the end. It started working when I set
a server name. I did the suid root thing as well.


>Here's some stuff to try.

>1) Set a password on the Apache user (once you've done your testing,
>you should edit the /etc/passwd file and replace the ! with a *). Log
>in as apache, then run scanimage, and see what errors (if any) you

>2) If that works OK, then it might be an issue with the temp folders
>that it's writing to. Have a read through of the script file that
>actually scans the image, and see where it's writing the file to. If
>it's somewhere obvious, check the permissions to that location. With
>your logged in user, try creating a file in that path.

>3) If all else still fails, lookup how to make a file suid root. It
>should be fairly straight forwards (Remember - Google is your friend!
>:) ) so check it out and then try running it up again. If it still
>doesn't work, then you've got problems that you should probably
>address with the script author!

>Hope that helps :)

>Jon "The Nice Guy"
jh at clongowes.net
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