[K12OSN] afick- try it out

Barry R Cisna brcisna at frontiernet.net
Wed Dec 28 04:29:43 UTC 2005

Hello list,

Just thought Id throw this out.
Don't know how many are familiar with -afick-( another file intergrity
This kinda/sorta saved me today.
I was doing some fiddling ,,trying to get the LDA..package working on one of
our servers,,that hadnt had any updating done to it,
Some how,,i killed the console login,for all users,including root[not
good],,I WAS able to login to Webmin,,no probs,,
I was able to run Afick( which has a webmin,plugin) to find only the files
that i had hacked around on,,Long story short.. Come to find out,,I had to
uncomment the two lines,,i had added to the gdm files( which afick showed
had been altered),& that was the only two files,,other than my
password/shadow files..which i had changed in Webmin as well trying to get a
login to work., and got my console login,,,working,,,yyyeehhhaww!!( I was
about to do a  reformat)..:(..
[Dont really know why adding these lines to the gdm/postlogin& postession
files,,killed console login,,but it did,,,then i re-uncommented them,,and
all was well,,,hhmmm..]
This runs a nightly "snapshot"..of your system files,,and if you run into a
snafo like,,i did,,you simply run it,, from console,,or better yet webmin,,,
to see what files have been altered/added,since the day before. There is no
setting up a cron job to run it nightly,,,,,yada,,,yada,it runs auto,,each
night,after,doing the install,,so its very,, simplistic,,but is very
effective,,,for hacked,,up systems:)..
Just thought this may help someone in the future,(like it did for me
In some cases,,I think it may be more effective than a backup/restore....


Barry Cisna

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