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[K12OSN] Switches


The school has given me the go-ahead to upgrade them to 1gig switches. What I would like to do is have one small 1gig switch, with maybe 5-8 ports on it. The server will go into that, then each other port will go out to switches scattered around the school. Each of THOSE switches will have the single incoming 1gig port and a number of 100meg ports.

The problem is I have no idea where to buy such hardware, or what the proper terminology (Line speed? Managed/unmanaged?) and brands are. Someone suggested Dell but it seems very pricy. The local shop where I normally get my stuff has some D-Link and Linksys switches with the right ports, for significantly cheaper... But will I regret such a purchase? Are the ones that Dell sells somehow better (line speed, managed/unmanaged, etc)? I warned them such switches could cost up to $400 and they cringed, but agreed it was necessary.

Just to give you an idea of numbers, currently they have 18 computers in the lab and another 8 or so in the library. Eventually they will likely have another 10 upstairs, and possibly more in the library. Nothing massive, but they want it to run really smoothly to keep the parents happy.

Oh and we're located in Vancouver, BC, Canada in case anyone knows of any local places that carry the right equipment.

Thank you muchly!

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