[K12OSN] Switches

Jason Straw lists at misato.us
Fri Dec 2 03:44:17 UTC 2005

My suggestion is that if you go above 2 24 port switches... buy a 8 port
1000bt switch and link all the 100s to the 1000.  my dorm building here
is on 5 100s with 1000 daisychain... but it was half duplex and things
got ugly in a hurry.  they had to go back and implement a 1000bt switch
above it.

gKw-X wrote:

> That was my original plan but I think it might get messy, especially
> if they plan to expand upstairs, as there would have to be several
> outgoing 1000meg cables from the lab. I noticed managed switches are
> significantly more... I think I'll go with the amer.com unmanaged
> ones, in total it will only be about $450 or so to wire the place, and
> that should keep them going for quite a while.
> Thanks guys!
> Les Mikesell wrote:
>> On Thu, 2005-12-01 at 15:19, gKw-X wrote:
>>> Just to give you an idea of numbers, currently they have 18
>>> computers in the lab and another 8 or so in the library. Eventually
>>> they will likely have another 10 upstairs, and possibly more in the
>>> library. Nothing massive, but they want it to run really smoothly to
>>> keep the parents happy.
>> For something that size you could probably get by daisy-chaining
>> the gig ports of 2/24 switches with the server at one end of
>> the run.  You aren't likely to see any performance difference
>> between managed and unmanaged switches.
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